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1992 Wild Card World League Football Premier Edition 10 Box Wax Case


This factory sealed 1992 Wild Card World League Football Premier Edition Wax Box Case consists of 10 factory sealed boxes, each consisting of 36 (15 card) packs.

Industry veterans claim that this first year Wild Card American Football World League product was limited to 6,000 (Ten Box) cases.  Originally intended as a spring development league for the NFL, the WLAF (World League of American Football) folded after 2 short seasons before restarting again (primarily in Europe) in 1995 before quickly being rebranded as “NFL Europe.”

A product before it’s time, Wild Card was actually the hobby’s first introduction to multiplier or “parallel” cards.

Random cards were inserted within packs with a small labeling stripe of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, or 1000.  The concept was originally intended so that a customer could send in a striped card (back to Wild Card) for the corresponding number of base cards equal to the stripe number.  For example, a Scott Mitchell with a 100 stripe could be sent in for 100 base Scott Mitchell cards.  However, this concept was quickly altered by the collecting public, opting to value striped cards by  multiplying the value of a base card by the corresponding number on the stripe.  For example, if a certain player’s base card market retail value was $5.00 at the time, a 100 stripe card of the same player was assigned a $500.00 retail value by collectors/dealers.  Moving forward to present day, there is a small niche group dedicated to Wild Card Stripe set building.

Notables within this product include: Anthony Dilweg, Babe Laufenberg, Scott Mitchell, Doug Pederson, multiple members of current management at UPS and Fedex, your grandchildren’s elementary school substitute P.E. teacher, and Uncle Rico (who still claims he can throw a football over a mountain).

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Factory Sealed Wax Box Case (10 Count)
10 Boxes Per Case
36 Packs Per Box
15 Cards Per Pack

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