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1981 Donruss Baseball Wax Box (BBCE)


An authenticated unopened inaugural edition 1981 Donruss Baseball Wax Box is an unavoidable obligation for any vintage unopened enthusiast. Fortunately this item can still be acquired without breaking the bank!

A fun fact regarding the entry into the Baseball Card industry in 1981 by Donruss (And Fleer), 1981 was the only year that either company produced their wax packs of sports cards with bubble gum.
Due to a complicated “exclusive rights” court saga where Topps was once awarded the exclusive right to produce and distribute “baseball cards and gum”, beginning in 1982 the lawyers for Donruss (And Fleer) found a loophole that enabled the respective companies to continue manufacturing baseball cards by replacing the gum in their wax packs with stickers (in Fleer’s case) and puzzle pieces (in Donruss’ case).

The 81 Donruss Baseball Series includes MLB all time great Rickey Henderson’s first Donruss card along with the rookie cards of MLB Hall of Famer Tim “Rock” Raines, Jeff Reardon, Mookie Wilson, and future NBA All Star Danny Ainge!

This box has been BBCE authenticated, wrapped, and labeled.

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